Corporate Training

enhancing the efficacy of every student or working professional

Corporate Training

Creating Right Resources:

CareerKshetra firmly believes in enhancing the potential of every individual irrespective of whether one is a student or a working professional. CareerKshetra corporate trainings focus upon skill building and up-skilling programs to create right and productive resources.

CareerKshetra believes in creating a great learning experience for the trainees with an overall impact on efficacy. We follow the instructor led training format and offer customised training programs based on the key objectives. Our programs aim to encourage individuals to take charge of their personality and skill development so that they can use it to their advantage. The training programs not only aim to enhance or build skills but empower individuals to explore their passion, aptitude and career.

Our high-end learning and development solutions are designed to enhance the skills, augment productivity and bridge the competency gaps. CareerKshetra corporate training initiatives are planned for small/medium/large corporates houses, educational/financial institutes, public sector or government bodies and franchises along with their subsidiaries and dealers. CareerKshetra also offers training solutions for small business houses and private firms.

We respect individual competencies and follow solution oriented training programs. Our expert trainers are qualified professionals in their domain and have diversified experience. Our corporate training solutions aim to deliver best results and promise to enhance skills. We believe in creating inspiring experiences and opening up newer opportunities for the individuals who choose to be a part of our training programs.

Highlights of CareerKshetra Corporate Training:

  • Expert trainers who design training modules post need assessment.
  • Personal Trainee interaction for on-spot doubt clarifications.
  • Enhanced effectiveness in comparison to books/manuals/E-learning platforms.
  • Custom training programs based on audience or an individual.
  • Professionalism and reputation of high-end learning solutions
  • Simple and practical skill building and productivity enhancing solutions.
  • Trainers modify training solutions to make it best suited for individuals/employees.

  • Similar topics for varying industries could have different training modules.
  • Topics that match the real world needs and range from beginner to advanced level.
  • Training sessions conducted in small groups for better interaction and social bonding.
  • Training sessions aimed to create a better bond between the employee & employer.
  • Ideal for companies/firms with complex products & not so tech savvy candidates.

CareerKshetra can handle some of the Key Topics as mentioned below & can work on specially tailored Modules as desired for the Select Audience.

CareerKshetra Corporate Training Programs

Our training courses offer learning and development solutions across all major domains. We offer flexible training solutions that are customised as per intended audience or client needs.

Our workshops for individuals aim at training them in making career choices based on skills, career choices based on personality, how to deal with career choice problems, how to choose the right career path and many more. Some of the other holistic training programs for individuals include – Discover my passion, Discover my aptitude and Discover my Career.

Our training programs for the working individuals cover wide channels of learning, growth and development aspects that range from planning the right career path to when to make a career switch, stress management and lot more.

Our Corporate Training Program Listings include:

Career Development

    • Competitive Selling
    • Productivity & Growth.
    • Time Management.
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills.
    • Communication Skills.
    • Leadership Skills
    • Assertive Behavior & Self Confidence.
    • Problem Solving.
    • Top Soft Skills to Succeed.
    • Self-Diagnosis/Discovery & Personality Enhancement.
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Personality Development
    • Stress Management
    • Ability Quiver & Improving on Weak Areas.

Sales & Marketing

    • Body Language.
    • Telephonic Skills.
    • Converting Leads into Appointments
    • Enhancing Sales Productivity.
    • Sales Metrics & their Efficacy.
    • Increasing Market Share.
    • Enhancing Institutional Sales
    • Event Planning.
    • Dealer Management & Counter Penetration.
    • Special Modules for Channel Partners (Dealers/Agents/Brand Ambassadors etc.)
    • Presentation Skills.
    • Performance Management.
    • Enhancing Output (For Support Teams of After Sales/CRM/Accounts)

Administrative Skills

  • Organisational Skills.
  • Logistics & Management.
  • Performance Reviews.
  • Meeting & Interviewing Skills.
  • An Efficient CRM.
  • Managing Personal Finance.

Human Resources

  • Employee Recruitment Strategies.
  • Mid Term Evaluations.
  • Identifying Training Needs.
  • Employee Motivation & CSR
  • Train the trainer.
  • Team Building
  • Executive Coaching

The training modules also cover many more topics based on the real-time challenges and requirements and can be tweaked as per the requirement to meet the training needs. Modules on Corporate Power Yoga can also be undertaken by trained Lady professionals at office premises.

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