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What is the Objective of CareerKshetra?

icnThe core objective of CareerKshetra is to ensure that every student undergoes a CareerKshetra Psychometric test to identify his/her aptitude, personality, interest, and area of potential in which one will have a successful career. CareerKshetra, thus, intends to save huge amount of money for hard working parents and allow them to use it efficiently, in the areas of the child’s interest.

How will CareerKshetra assist me as a Parent?

icnCareerKshetra uses the scientifically proven psychometric tests to arrive at the most suitable career path or Stream to be chosen for your beloved child. A parent will then clearly know where to put his ward/child for training/tuition/classes/extracurricular activities thus saving monies as a hardworking parent. A child normally tends to get carried away by his friends/group/common circle/peer pressure. As a parent you hold that responsibility of aligning their future and finding the right aptitude of your child. This will ensure happiness for your child. CareerKshetra would hence throw light on what could be the right path for your child.

How will CareerKshetra assist me as a Student?

icnThe very reason you have chosen this question speaks highly on how serious you are to pursue a dream career. Congrats! You are at the right place. CareerKshetra will assist you to reinforce your Stream (Humanities or Arts as commonly known, Science, or Commerce) if you are in 9th or 10th Standard by taking our test. However, if you are already in 11th or 12th grade it will assist you in deciding the optimal career path.

I am a Student and have already chosen my career path? How will CareerKshetra be useful to me?

icnWell! We are extremely happy to know that you have already chosen a career which interests you the most. Career paths undertaken involve expenditure, student’s time, efforts, & needs to make you feel proud of your achievement. The costs involved for a simple test/ Counseling session are well worth and are VFM (Value for Money). CareerKshetra here would crosscheck and reinforce the same and even offer career options scientifically extracted from the test. Our Counseling session will be the ultimate step for you to move ahead in your chosen/suggested career.

Why CareerKshetra?

icnCareerKshetra uses highly scientifically proven reliability score of Cronbach’s Alpha. These tests are reliable in aspiration fitment analysis. We combine technology with Psychometrics.

What products/services are offered by CareerKshetra and what are their costs?

icnWe provide Career guidance tests & Career Counselling, please refer to our “Products” page for more details.

Who can take these tests in CareerKshetra?

icnAny student (English Medium: – 9th Std to 10th Std) or (English Medium: -11th/12th Std ) can currently take these tests. However, we also welcome College Students who wish to discover their interests.

Many sites offer these tests Free, Why pay here?

icnHmm! You seem to have done your homework. Our site provides one of the best reports in terms of Value For Money(VFM). We feel that choosing one’s career is a serious decision. So, you must trust the best sites in order to get a genuine report and advice. An initial investment ensures that you have handed your decision to find a suitable career in the right hands. The core objective of this site is to ensure the same. We hope that you have now found your answer.

I am studying in 9th Standard, am I old enough to take the test now? Should I take it in 10th Standard? How will it help?

icnDear student.8th/ 9th Standard is the ideal time to take this test, as all the preparatory and coaching classes start from these standards only. When you take CareerKshetra test, you will come to a clear direction regarding the stream which you are interested in and you could focus on your desired stream accordingly. You will be able to use your time efficiently & save money for your parents as well. For e.g. If your test reveals that you could excel in commerce stream, then there is absolutely no need for you to take any preparatory courses for JEE Main/BITSAT/VITEE/ISAT/AIEEE or similar Engineering Entrance exams OR there is also no need for you to take any preparatory courses for AIPMT/AIPVT/AFMC or similar medical entrance exams.

Do I have to prepare for these tests? OR Does my child need to prepare for these tests?

icnNo. The whole concept of “career Guidance Tests” is to discover your (your child’s) inner potential and interests. For these tests to give the proper results you (your child) have (has) to be honest and true to yourself (himself/herself) while answering these tests. There is absolutely no preparation required for these tests. The mere idea of preparation contradicts the purpose of these tests. They can be taken today & right now. Only certain pre-requisites need to be met.

What are the pre- requisites for the test?
icn The Pre-requisites are as follows

  • The right test has to be chosen by the candidate depending on his Class/Standard.
  • The test is to be sincerely completed by the candidate alone without any assistance.
  • These tests have no marking system as they measure your psycho metrics. There is nothing such as PASS or FAIL. So relax and answer honestly.
  • Do not try to find answers on your Smartphone/Ipad as you will loose valuable time. All the tests are time bound.
  • Follow other instructions given in the test before starting.
How much time will these tests take to complete?

icnThe duration of these tests ranges between 75- 90 mins. You may utilize the entire time period or you may complete and submit them before the test duration ends.

What happens if there is electricity failure or internet failure?

icnDon’t worry. In such a scenario, the questions which you have answered will be saved automatically and you can login again to continue with the test.

How often do I need to take these tests ?

icnAppearing for these tests twice, is recommended, anytime between 9th and 12th Standard.

When will I get my reports?

icnAfter successful completion of the test, your report will be generated immediately.
Go to ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘My Reports’ -> You will see your reports -> ‘View’ or ‘Download’ your report as required.

Where is counseling currently offered and how is it useful?

icnOne is to one counseling is currently offered only in Mumbai. Video Chat career counselling is also available for the same anywhere in India. Career counseling is recommended as we share an individual ‘s strengths and weaknesses, detailed Aspirational Fitment analysis, core areas of potential and areas of improvement. We also share and discuss candidate’s behavioral patterns and ultimately related courses and optimal career path. A CareerKshetra certified hard copy shall be shared for your records. You shall realize that this is a wealth of information that one can use to their own advantage.

How can I get counseling if I stay outside Mumbai?

icnWe shall organize video chat-counseling for interested candidates living outside Mumbai by prior appointments with one of our panel counselors.

I have a slow Internet connection (dial-up). Can I take your online training?

icnOur online psychometric tests are designed to suit both fast- and slow-speed Internet connections, so, you will not be at a disadvantage by having a slow Internet connection.

Do I need to apply special settings on my computer to view and use your products?

icnEvery computer and screen size can be used to access and use CareerKshetra’s psychometric test. If you are experiencing some issues seeing the ‘Continue’ and ‘Back’ buttons at the bottom of your screen then please press the ‘Ctrl’ & ‘ – ‘ buttons to adjust your screen dimensions.

Will my credit card details be secure?

icnOur online payment option uses CCA which is recognised worldwide for its highly secure and easy payment process. It uses the same level of security as the banking industry – i.e.X,Y,Z ( from CCA site).

I prefer not to provide my credit card details online. What can I do?

icnOur online payment option uses CCA which is recognised worldwide for its highly secure and easy payment process. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can contact us to arrange for a bank transfer.

Why do I need to Sign up & register?

icnCareerKshetra needs data to mail you (on the registered email ID) the evaluation report once you successfully complete the test. The same is also for our records. CareerKshetra ensures that none of the information provided by the customers will shared with anyone for any purpose and the same will be treated with confidentiality.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

icnIf you have forgotten your password, enter your registered email id in the FORGOT PASSWORD form in the login page. You will receive a link to reset your password on the same email ID.

How to take the test?

icnAfter successfully logging in (Remember! this is post sign up only), go to the PRODUCT page and ADD TO CART the required service or test. After successful payment process, you can begin the test, which will be available on the My Test page.

Can I purchase more than 1 service or test at a time?

icnYou cannot purchase more than 1 service or test at the same time. In case any other member needs to take a test suitable to their profile, they will need to sign up separately as a New Sign up. Kindly ensure you have chosen the right test to suit your profile

I chose a wrong test & am unable to delete it from the cart?

icnDo not worry, click on the right test to suit your profile, add to the cart and the earlier test will get replaced with this new one. The wrong test is now replaced with the right one.

Where can I find my Test after payment?

icnPost Logging in, please click on this link http://www.careerkshetra.com/tests/

Where can I find my result after successfully completing the test?

Post logging in, please click on this link http://www.careerkshetra.com/my-reports/