I and my dad - Part 1

I and My father

-An excerpt from Raju’s diary

Part 1

Sipping a cup of hot tea on a chilly Sunday morning, my dad once asked,

Dad: “So Raju, have you planned about what to do in future?”

Me: “Dad, I am just 14 years old, how am I to know?”

Dad: “You will soon be entering 9th grade, have you decided upon your ‘optional subject’?”

(Me: Damn! I have not thought about this at all. What should I tell him?)

Me: ”Why? Of course dad.”

Dad: “That’s my son! So what is it going to be?”

(Me: After tapping my forehead a few times)

Me: “Err… It is going to be technical drawing.”

Dad: “Great! And what should one expect to do in the same?”

Me: “Well, you know, use technical tools to draw diagrams, figures and stuff…”

Dad: “I see… And what have your friends decided?”

(Me: Oh how I wish I knew!)

Me: “Oh! I will ask them soon dad.”

(Dad: Perhaps having realized that I am fibbing.)

Dad: “Hmm… So you have not decided yet… and why is that?”

(Me: having realized that lying is of no use now)

Me: “I just do not know what to opt for. I do not know which subjects suit me. I like to play badminton and read mystery novels. I also like Mathematics and Biology. Somehow none of that seems to fit together.”

(Me: Looking out of the window with a frown on my face.)

Dad: “I know just the right thing for you, Son!”

Me: (happily) “You do dad?”

Dad: “I think you should give a career choice online test.”

(Me: What! More tests! No way. How will a career choice online test help me anyhow?)

Me: “Humph. No more tests dad, please.”

Dad: “Hey buddy! You must cheer up. A career choice online test does not need any preparation.”

Me: “Really? But why should I waste my time on it? Humph.”

Dad: “It won’t be a waste of time. Such a test asks you about your interests, dislikes and about your daily life as a whole! There will be no scoring to judge you. And the best part is that at the end of it you will get your answer.”

Me: “Which answer?”

Dad: “Your ‘optional subject’. Yes. It can also help you make a career choice after 10th exam. And all you have to do is answer it honestly. The test is about ‘you’ Raju! How cool is that!”

Me: “Wow really! I would like to try it right away dad!”

(Me: I cannot wait to tell all my friends about my subject preference.)


                          To be continued…