I and my Father - Part 2

I and My father

-An excerpt from Raju’s diary

Part 2

Another sip of that lovely gingerly tea refreshed my senses, and we continued the conversation,

Dad: “A good decision son. There seem to be quite a few websites offering these services, but I think we should check out ‘CareerKshetra’.”

Me: “But why ‘CareerKshetra’ specifically dad?”

(Dad: The smile on his face clearly indicated that he had anticipated this question)

Dad: “Hmm… My colleague Mr. Dhawan suggested it. His son seemed to be very impressed with their tests. It is offers so many tests – Personality Test, Interest Test, Aptitude Test, and Career Choice Online Test.

Me: “Any specific reason why he was impressed?”

Dad: “Yes, he told me that their test report covers strengths, interests, career recommendations, behavioral traits and much more. He also said that he received the test report immediately after answering the test. Besides, they also offer career choice consultancy based on your test results.”

(Me: Getting concerned about the cost)

Me: “Sounds interesting, but wouldn’t it be on an expensive side?”

(Dad: He might have realized the truth in my point)

Dad: “Why don’t we visit their website and find out?”

(Me: I certainly wanted to check out his new laptop, so obviously I instantly agreed. We visited the site and indeed it was quite impressive)

Me: “Wow! The website is great! The cost is reasonable too!  It is offering two Career Choice Online Tests – ‘Career Fitment Test’ and ‘Suitable Career Test’. I would like to go for the ‘Career Fitment Test’ as it is apt for me. And look, the test will just take an hour.”

(Me: This was certainly a relief! I was thinking that it would take much longer to get it completed. I also looked at their sample report and was feeling satisfied)

Dad: “Good. But do keep in mind that you must answer the test honestly. As I previously said, there is no need to hurry as there is ample of time and also no marking scheme. This means that there are no right answers or wrong answers. It is a career choice psychometric test.”

Me: “And what is a ‘career choice psychometric test’?”

Dad: “Well, a career choice psychometric test measures your mental capabilities and behavioral traits. This will help you to sort out your career choice problems”

(Me: My excitement was building up and I couldn’t control it any longer, so I blurted out)

Me:“I will take the career choice psychometric test right away dad.”

[How will Raju’s report turn out? What will it depict as his interests?]

                                                                                                                                                        To be continued……