I and my Father - Final Part

I and My father

-An excerpt from Raju’s diary

Part 3 – The Last Part

The test timer was ticking quickly. In no time, the test ended.

Me: “Whew! I am so glad that it got over so soon.”

Dad: “Well, let’s find out what your report says!”

(Me: Oh my! I was so engrossed in the career choice psychometric test that I forgot about the reports. Now my anticipation knew no bounds.)

(Dad: Noticing that I had paused mid-way, tugged me saying,)

Dad: “C’mon buddy, go to ‘My Reports’ menu.”

Me: “Huh? Oh ya, yes. Here we go.”

Dad: “What does it say? I want to hear it from you.”

Me: “Wow! It says here that my top stream preference must be Commerce. My top skills are cognitive perpetual speed and quantitative aptitude. My top personality traits are extraversion and agreeableness. My weakness is verbal reasoning. Amazing! There seems to be a lot of truth in this report.”

(Me: I was really awestruck. It was as if somebody had just interviewed my soul. The things that I never spoke about openly were all there. I now knew what am I good at. I felt as if I am ready to discover my career. I am now prepared to discover my passion.)

Dad: “That’s definitely value for money, eh Son? But the credit goes to you too for answering the test honestly and without anybody’s assistance.”

(Me: I was still lost in my own world exploring myself. After going through the complete report I replied)

Me: “Well, this test definitely opened my eyes. Off I go to tell all my friends about it. I will tell them about all the tests available – Personality Test, Interest Test, Aptitude Test, and Career Choice Online Test. I will persuade them to take the tests atleast sample aptitude test free that requires no fee, so that they know how worthy these tests are. I can barely wait to show them my report and solve their dilemma once and for all. This will help them to solve their career choice problems as well.”

Dad: “Before you go, shouldn’t you thank somebody?”

Me: “Oh yes! Thank you dad! And also thank Uncle Dhawan on my behalf.”

Dad: “And…”

Me: “And… yes, three cheers for CareerKshetra, hip hip hurray!”

******The End******

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