The “School Era” they say is full of joy, happiness, pains, gains & more. People also tend to remember schooldays like an evergreen song perfectly etched on the archives of yesteryears. If your parents are from the 60’s or early 70’s it is more than likely that you may have overheard a story or an incident from them of yesteryears. Such stories also form a part of conversations of a social family gathering.

Such conversations evoke a feeling of happiness. Parents and the older generation often instruct their wards to be sincere towards their studies, practice punctuality and discipline, choose a progressive career path. They remember to tell you to study hard & do well. Yet by and large they do not emphasize or motivate you to pursue your interest or passion. Neither do they assist you in making a career choice as per your likeness. This may not be the case for all but for those who have experienced such situations; remember you cannot blame them for this, as they were groomed in that manner.

The era of older generation was when the computers were merely introduced. Career choices were limited and there were not too many professional courses as we have now. A child’s career was decided by his/her parents or relatives. Some parents wanted their children to achieve their unfulfilled dreams. Say, grandpa wanted his son to be a Doctor, & when that didn’t happen the baton got passed to the grandson who had to be a Doctor.

In such cases, little is thought about child’s skill and interest. With such parental pressures and interventions, there are rare chances for kids to express oneself, to shout aloud and say “What am I doing? Is this how a better part of my life is going to be spent? WHAT am I good at? “

Time is changing. Even though the traditional thinking and value system has not wiped out completely, these days; there are lot of things to do. The students, especially the teenagers are extra-conscious about their career path and their future goals. Parents are also becoming more and more responsible in helping their child in making career choices based on skills and career choices based on personality.

Happiness is a state of mind. It can never come with pursuing things that you don’t like. You are special, so go out and do pamper yourself. Ask your parents to support you help you in pursuing your dreams. It is time to follow your heart & mind to tread the path of happiness. Any regrets later will be fruitless.

Choose the right career path. Seek career counselling to sort out your career choice confusions. Work out the opportunities and seek the path. This can come through wide range of career choice online tests available on our website. At the end of the day, it’s your life anyway and you owe your own happiness.