Manual Tests

for Educational Institutes like school & colleges


CareerKshetra has crafted and designed important manual tests for educational institutes like school & colleges. The manual tests are eligible for students of 9th Standard and above only.


The two important manual tests are:

  • Ability Quiver Test
  • Self-Identity Test

These tests are very critical in evaluating the various important abilities, strengths and areas of development for students. These tests are designed by blending different tests – Identity Tests, Personality Tests, Aptitude Tests, Career Choice Psychometric Tests to serve the purpose of evaluation for this group of students.

The purpose of these tests is to help the teachers in knowing the students, their interest and their abilities and helping them prepare for choosing courses and careers based on their interest and skills. The tests are intended for this specific age group of students to assist them in making a career choice after 10th and making a career choice after 10 +2 in the rightful way so that they have a bright future. The career choices of this age group of students depend upon what subjects they choose, which institute they choose and where they pursue their studies. These manual tests are intended to guide the students on these aspects.

Every educational institute, social entity, society can take these value for money manual tests and assist students and teachers too in developing talent. The CareerKshetra team will carry out the entire test, evaluation, results as a package.CareerKshetra believes in empowering the students with the knowledge of their strengths and weakness; and assisting them in shaping their future.

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