Aptitude Test is the common assessment tool that is used to evaluate the potential and ability of an individual to understand his/her suitability for a particular task or a role. It is also a way to evaluate how quickly an individual can learn a new skill or grasp the role requirement.

An aptitude test is not a test of knowledge but the test of thinking and cognitive ability which entirely depends upon the individualistic traits.

In order to understand it better we must know what is the meaning of aptitude.

What is Aptitude?
Aptitude is a trait normally inherited (internal factors) and is seen early in any individual. It is an innate ability. Innate means something which is inborn, untaught, natural. The body and mind is tuned to the same by virtue of hereditary characteristics. It is seen early in the life and normally is set by the age of 14 years in any individual. It is usually witnessed in our normal society when we use terms like “Born to dance”, “Swims like a fish”, “Sings like a bird” or “Has this inborn talent” etc. for select individuals. Exceptional aptitude is acknowledged as ‘talent’.

Some of these abilities are like Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability, Spatial Ability, Mechanical Ability, & many more. The field of Psychology has done research & created certain pattern of questions to measure these parameters to a conclusive limited level of accuracy in the form of psychometric tests.

However, it is important to understand the difference in Aptitude and Interest to understand the answer to the above question in totality. While aptitude measures the ability of an individual to perform a role untrained or untaught; interest on the other hand is normally the resultant of what one studies, knows, likes, learns. While aptitude is innate, interest is influenced by external factors. It is very difficult to know nothing about it and get interested.

Exploring more about Aptitude Tests
Aptitude Test is the measure of an individual’s ‘fluid intelligence’ and ‘crystallized intelligence’.

Fluid Intelligence is the capability of an individual to think and reason strategically. Evaluating your fluid intelligence, one can assess your problem solving skills, strategic thinking skills, ability to learn new skills. This type of evaluation includes following types of tests – logical reasoning tests, inductive reasoning tests, diagrammatic reasoning tests, conceptual aptitude tests.

Crystallized Intelligence is the ability of an individual to apply learning from past experiences into real-time situations. Evaluating your crystallized intelligence, one can assess your ability to analyze, comprehend and make decisions. This type of evaluation includes following types of tests – numerical aptitude tests, verbal aptitude tests, spatial aptitude tests, mechanical reasoning tests.

Why Aptitude Tests Are Important?
The aptitude tests are quite necessary for individuals to know their ability and skills to determine their career path. Similarly, organizations conduct aptitude tests as a part of their recruitment process to assess candidate’s ability to fit in the job role. These tests are called as career assessment tests and employers use them to understand candidate’s thinking ability, reasoning ability, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, students pursuing higher education may also take aptitude tests when deciding upon the study areas or colleges for higher education. The aptitude tests will help such students in deciding upon courses and institutions based on their skills and interest. Schools also administer these tests apart from academic exams to understand student’s reasoning and thinking ability in order to help them on weaker areas.

Looking from an individual’s point of view, it is very important to know oneself. One normally looks at only the interest side & that too with limited information. This becomes a Career Path for many, but those who do not go into the details end up in making wrong career choices. Making a career choice in an unplanned way may lead to job dissatisfaction. This holds true for students while deciding upon certain questions like – which subjects suit me, where should I join classes, which course should I take up for higher studies etc. It is hence strongly recommended to take an aptitude test. This implies that “Aptitude Tests” need to be taken scientifically and in a reputed tested platform.

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