By 2030 – India will be the youngest nation in the world with approximately 140 million people in high schools and colleges. The education sector is placed at a stage and at a point where each one of you as a parent has a role to play. We trust you that you keep your child’s passion and interest in mind in order to do justice to their life and to the society; that propels our nation to be a stronger economy in this world.

A child’s level of education or training depends upon his parents. As a parent you’re are responsible for helping your child in discovering his passion and interest and helping him in choosing the right career path. Parents know their child’s personality traits better than anyone else. As a parent, the onus lies on you to find that special interest of your ward and support him in that direction.

Making a career choice involves a lot of thinking and analysis of one’s capabilities. As a parent, support your child in career choice decision making. Give your child the right to choose his/her career. It is you who can help your child use the necessary tools to discover the hidden talents, nurture them, work on the areas of strength and work upon the weaker zones.

Equip your child with tools to know their skills, personality traits and interests. Career choices after 10th exam, career choices after 12th exam and career choices for employment are crucial and require your guidance. Access our website to know more about our assessment tools and career counselling services.

You will be proud to share in your later life that I was instrumental in contributing to that “Young Nation” of 2030.

“It is important how we view the youth of our nation. To simply consider them as new age voters will be a big mistake. They are the new age power.” – Shri Narendra Modi.