No matter who you are, what you do; you matter the most to yourself. Love yourself and believe in yourself. Make yourselves feel valued by exploring and executing your power of choice. If you believe in the thought ‘I matter’ , the way you see your life changes. In this case you become responsible for the choices you make, making your journey of life a meaningful one.

Everyone has his/her own choices based on personality traits and interests. The real challenge is however that the power of choice only happens when you are aware of what’s in the consideration set. We as humans do not enlarge our scope of knowledge to have a larger view of such choices. In short we have a limited scope of choices in our consideration set.

So here comes the connect from the above quotes by great men. INVOLVE > LEARN> KNOW YOURSELF. In your journey towards a meaningful life, you make come across situations where you have to choose wisely. It may be a study stream, a course, a career path, a profession, your life partner and lot more. Every choice you make will affect your life. So, before you make a choice, you must know yourself; know your skills, interest and personality traits. When you are making a career choice or planning your education remember to ask yourself few questions – ‘What am I good at? Which subject suit me? Where should I join classes? What will be the ideal career choice after 10th exams? What will be the ideal career choice after 12th exams? What will be the ideal career choice at 30? What to do in future? and so on.

Yes, you matter when you are making your life’s important decisions. But how do you do it? How do you make the right choices? If you do it all by yourself and achieve success, nothing can be better than that. But otherwise, you need to understand your interests and skills, analyze your aptitude and goals. In this process of assessment, you need some guidance and tools to aide you in planning your future. Explore our website and discover the personality tests, interest tests, aptitude tests and career choice psychometric tests and know where you stand and what you need to do.

Children and Students (Teenagers and Students seeking higher education): The different tests can help kids or students analyze their skills, abilities and interests. These tests can be helpful for students to make career choices after 10th exams and career choices after 12th exams. These tests will help students in clearing their career choice problems and will help them in choosing the right courses and a bright career path for themselves. Students planning for higher education can use these tests to decide upon the education courses and study streams.

Working Professionals (In their late 20’s or early 30’s): If YOU belong here then YOU too could take this test. It has been seen that there are many a working professional who nowadays had done their management & are in roles which hardly puts their abilities to use. The employer is not really the entity to blame but oneself. Employees end up accepting what comes to their table first & they end up not so happy with what they do. I would suggest these people to take a CareerKshetra Suitable Career Test.

In my years of experience there have been so many working professionals who have made a change in their career path.

Working Professionals (In their late 30’s or early 40’s): YOU who are now in your middle management or Senior Management, can also take these tests. Making a career choice at 30 or 40 can be obvious. Many of you would love to shift your Career into the faster gear & many a times the money could be the criterion. Such chapters of career crossroads will happen in your life. These are the times when one should be extremely selective of what to opt for and make that JOB move. You may already know what to do but these tests could reinforce and give you that push. It’s here that this sheer investment will go a long way in reinforcing what you will want to LEARN more and ENJOY too at the same time.

It is quite likely that YOU are happy in the current position. Then why take this test? Well! This could be your golden opportunity to pursue your passion & interest by learning something new which your test may throw out. It’s time to DISCOVER yourself. The findings will motivate and encourage you to go ahead. Age should never be a deterrent to learn something new. It could be cooking, singing, music, photography, dance. It is quite likely that you may not be able to adhere fully to the test findings but you could pursue that path. This increases your consideration set.

I had read of a Civil Engineer whose numerical abilities came up strong after a similar test. Now it looked tough for him to alter the path totally but he was recommended to look at Project Costing & Budgeting attached to projects. This added the flavor of his newly discovered aptitude and gave him the state of happiness. I know of a lady who had completed her graduation in the medical field but came across a great interest in numerical ability post her test. She pursued mutual funds, insurance and investments. She now enjoys educating people with managing their finances. A finance doctor in a way.

Adults & Senior Citizens (In their Late 40’s and above): – This class of people usually seeks for things which will please them, make them happier. Their careers have by and larger stabilized and now they have more time for themselves. So for homemakers these tests could reveal how they could spend their free time pursuing their passion. Similarly, for men whether Senior professionals or retired they will be able to develop a latent passion/ability. They could get insights into a new hobby that they could start. The above phrase “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” does not only deserve a like or a thumbs up, but the will to implement it.

The tests will also help you to Go back to Education & take up that course either through long distance/attending classes. I know of a homemaker who took up B.Ed. (Course mandatory to get an assignment of a teacher in India) post marriage, having children in order to pursue teaching which gave her a sense of happiness. There have been instances of people taking up Computer classes or Dance, Singing, Playing an instrument. The list can go on.

In Summary: The overall objective of CareerKshetra is to perform a battery of tests either manual/online on an individual and help one to identify with their interests, abilities, personality, fit & aptitude. CareerKshetra also offers career counselling services and helps you in making a career choice best suited for you. We can only put forth options & suggestions in what we feel will put you in a state of happiness within the various constraints. We can reveal, reinforce, motivate what was already being considered by you at times. A second opinion always helps which is why we mention our tag line as “ Your Guide to Happiness” & here YOU matter the most to yourself. Now you will agree that these tests can also be for YOU! The other learnings will follow.